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Here are some important details about the FruitWorks delivery service


How often do the mixes change?

The weekly change to the mixes is heavily dependent on which mix you choose. The Traditional Mix does not vary much at all while Tropical Mix may include new items each week.

Can substitutions be made?

At this point, we are not able to substitute items in a given weekly mix. However, if you would like for an item to be removed from your mix, you can do so by typing that item in the “Allergies/Remove” field during checkout. While we will try our best to accommodate your needs, we can’t ensure that fruits will not come into contact with those indicated as allergens during sorting.

Where and when can the mixes for next week be viewed?

Mixes are posted by Monday on the Products page for the following week.

How much fruit is in an order?

Regular crates weigh about 18kg (40lbs) while the small crates are 10kg (22lbs). As a rule of thumb, a standard serving of fruit weighs approximately 0.8lbs (about the size of two apples). So regular sized crates would be enough for about 50 servings while small ones would provide 28.

What portions of each fruit will I get?

We select portion size based on a number of factors, including availability, ripeness, general variety in the mix and bulk.

Ordering and Account Management

Are there any contracts when using the FruitWorks service?

Not at all! You can cancel your subscription at any time and you are never locked in.

How can a subscription be changed?

Subscriptions can be suspended for an indefinite period or canceled at any time through your account page. Please allow at least 2 full business days for orders to be processed and account modifications to take effect.

Why can only a single mix be added to the cart for checkout?

Our checkout system only allows for a single mix type to be purchased per checkout at this time. This allows you to manage orders for different mixes separately in the account management panel. If you would like to order more than one mix, you can use the checkout to create a separate order.

How can I skip a delivery?

Just sign in and go to the account management page. On the subscription(s) you’d like to skip, click the “Suspend” link. This will suspend your deliveries until you log into your account again and activate them.


Does FruitWorks deliver to houses as well as workplaces?

We presently do not deliver to houses. Our services are offered to workplaces such as corporate offices, schools, universities, etc. Unsure if we’ll deliver to you? Give us a call!

On what days does FruitWorks deliver?

We deliver from Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays. Deliveries scheduled for a statutory holiday will be delivered the following business day. We deliver anywhere within our delivery area on any given business day.

What is the FruitWorks delivery area?

Our delivery zone is confined by the area east of Keele St./ Weston Rd./ Black Creek Dr., south of the 401, and west of Carlaw Ave./ Pape Ave./ DVP in Toronto.

Delivery Map

What time are orders delivered during the day?

Orders are delivered between a window of 8am and 4pm.


What type of payment does FruitWorks accept?

Our payment are managed via Swipe, a proven and safe payment processor. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

Does FruitWorks extend credit terms?

We currently do not extend credit terms.

When will payment be applied to an account?

The charge for the first delivery is made immediately upon submission of the order. Subsequent charges will be made on the date of delivery.

What happens if I cancel my subscription before the first delivery?

The payment submitted for processing is either cancelled (if it hasn’t cleared the payment processor) or a refund is issued for the sale amount less refund processing fees.

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